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Does your loved one’s nursing home follow Maryland regulations?

Knowing Maryland’s requirements for nursing homes may help you have an idea of what to expect from your loved one’s place of living. Among many regulations, these facilities must adhere to certain standards in the following categories:

Diet: Facilities must supply residents with at least three daily meals. Food of an adequate nutritional value must be supplied to residents and be in accordance with the orders of a physician. Facilities must also have a registered dietician supervising dietary services. If they do not have one on staff, then their dietic supervisor must have regular consultations with a licensed dietitian.

Safety: Your loved one’s nursing home should have emergency disaster plans in place, including adequate shelters on the premises. They must also keep all potential tripping or slipping hazards from cluttering hallways and residents must have direct access to an exit.

Nursing Personnel: There must be a nurse on duty for a full 24 hours in your loved one’s facility. Nurses must ensure all residents receive prescribed medications, treatments and necessary care as needed. Policies must be in place to ensure nursing personnel is aware of your loved one’s special meals and dietary needs. Furthermore, nurses bear the responsibility to report when care may be considered questionable—such as cases of neglect or abuse.

Physician care: Facility physicians must see residents as frequently as needed per the resident’s current condition. Physicians must also review medical histories, discuss the resident’s condition with staff as needed and note the resident’s health progress in a timely manner.

Other requirements include those related to resident hygiene, facility cleanliness and adequate numbers of non-nurses on staff. If you have not yet found a long-term care facility suitable for your loved one, consider using a checklist.