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Know these rights of nursing home residents

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Firm News

Nursing homes provide a valuable service to the elderly and disabled adults in the community. They are meant for individuals who aren’t able to handle their own daily tasks and require a bit of extra help. Many people assume that these residents don’t have any rights, but this isn’t the case.

Every nursing home resident has specific rights that must be honored. There are governed by state and federal regulations. If there are instances in which they aren’t followed, the resident might have legal options available.

Respect and dignity

You have the right to privacy as a nursing home resident. If you need help with personal care, this should be provided without judgement. You must have access to clean and comfortable accommodations. You should never be treated harshly or abusively. When your family members and friends are with you, there shouldn’t be any monitoring of the conversation. All residents should be kept abreast of any privacy policy or service changes within the facility.

Proper care

The residents of these facilities usually depend heavily on the staff members for everything. This includes medication administration, meals, activities and help with daily living tasks. Detailed plans should be created for each resident at the facility so that they are able get the services they need. The plan must be reviewed periodically to ensure it still adequately meets their needs. Residents should also have access to medical care teams, including physicians and specialists when necessary. They should be provided with prompt medical care when something is amiss.

Safety guidelines

There is a plethora of safety guidelines that nursing homes have to meet. Some of these are basic, such as making sure that residents aren’t victims of violence from staff members, other residents and visitors. One area where nursing homes must be especially careful is determining which residents are at risk of falling. Those who are deemed to be at risk should have assistive devices and personal assistance to help prevent a fall. Railings and flooring throughout the facility must be in good repair to make mobility easier.

All nursing homes should have a clear grievance procedure to follow when residents’ rights are violated. Swift action must be taken to ensure there are no more violations of rights going forward. When a resident isn’t safe in the facility, legal action might become necessary. Residents should understand their legal rights and responsibilities in these cases.