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Maryland’s Lemon Law Applies To Purchases Of New Cars

If you purchased a car and are unable to work out problems with the parts or a system of your car with the auto dealer within 24 months of your purchase, you may have a right to a refund or replacement of your vehicle. Maryland’s lemon law protects consumers who have made the effort to abide by the manufacturer’s warranty and are still struggling with the frustration of a nonworking vehicle.

Manufacturers’ warranties generally cover the costs of replacing and fixing certain parts and systems of a new car at no cost to the purchaser. Restrictions apply, including having the repairs completed by a certified dealer.

However, sometimes repairs do not remedy the problem and your car, light truck or motorcycle becomes classified as a “lemon.” If the problem makes your car unusable or significantly devalues it, you may qualify for protection under Maryland’s lemon law. Other restrictions apply, including:

  • The motor vehicle must be new or leased.
  • The vehicle must be registered in Maryland.
  • The vehicle must be less than 24 months old.
  • The mileage must be less than 18,000 miles.

Not all problem cars are lemons. If your vehicle qualifies, it is best to contact a consumer protection attorney right away. Call Preller Law Firm, LLC, in Baltimore at 410-553-3000 to speak with our knowledgeable lawyers about your circumstances. We have over 60 years of combined experience protecting Maryland consumers. For little or no expense to you, we will investigate and pursue your case. Many times, our clients have a right to have attorneys’ fees covered.

Get Help For Your Used Car Dispute Under Consumer Protection Laws

Maryland laws provide implied warranty protection for used cars under six years old with fewer than 60,000 miles. If you recently purchased a used vehicle and find yourself exasperated by a nonworking car, call our law firm to discuss your legal options. Our attorneys have the experience you need to resolve disputes effectively through negotiation, mediation, and when necessary, litigation.

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